April 11, 2007

Waterbird Population Estimates - 4th edition available online

One of the criteria to identify Important Bird Areas (IBA) for congregatory birds is "The site is known or thought to hold, on a regular basis, >/= 1% of a biogeographic population of a congregatory waterbird species". In order to use this criterion, it is necessary to have estimates of 1% of the population of each species. And here you can find them:

It is over three months since the book Waterbird Population Estimates - fourth edition was distributed. The publication is now available for download on the Wetlands International website via the following link:
The download includes all the tables, in Excel spreadsheet format, together with the introductory chapters as a PDF file. The size of the zipped file for download is 1.7 MB. Before you download the file you will need to complete a simple registration procedure.

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