June 30, 2007

new links

On Tarsiger.com, Finland’s most popular bird pages, you can find thousands of bird pictures and observations, but also sounds as mp3 and a discussion forum. I have added links to photos from Kazakhstan and China on Tarsiger.com to the sidebar.

A link to the Mongolia tour info of Sunbird Tours has been added to the sidebar under “tour operators”.

Not related to Mongolia, but very good reading in my opinion: Charlie’s Bird Blog (Charlie Moores is co-founder of Birds Korea) has moved to the blog 10,000 Birds by blogger Mike Bergin. They are joined by Corey Finger who blogged before on his lovely dark and deep. The link to 10,000 Birds has been added to “more blogs” on the sidebar.

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Anonymous said...

Beau blog, bravo. Un bonjour depuis la suisse.
Amicalement Désirée