July 8, 2007

Khangai Mountains, Jun/Jul 2007 - K. Schleicher

In early July I surveyed nests of raptors in the larch forest north of Tsetserleg for three days. The result: 5 occupied nests of Black-eared Kites, 2 of Northern Ravens (controlled earlier this year), 1 of Upland Buzzard, 1 of Common Buzzard, 2 of Booted Eagle (dark morph) and 1 of Northern Goshawk. In the industrial ruins of Tsetserleg a Common Kestrel is breeding.

Boreal (Tengmalm’s) Owl (second downy plumage)
Naiman Nuur. Photo © K. Schleicher

The Booted Eagle seems to be a common breeder in the Khangai Mountains. I observed it several times during my trips (always dark morphs), for example in Noyon Khangai National Park and in Naiman Nuur protected area.

Cinereous Vulture. Photo © K. Schleicher

On the journey to the Naiman Nuur Natural Monument (Ovorkhangai Aimak) our car broke down many times, so hat I had much time for birdwatching on the way. Near the south entrance of the Naiman Nuur 1 Himalayan Griffon and 6 Eurasian Griffons together with 2 Cinereous Vultures were resting and flying together at the same place.

Eurasian Griffon. Photo © K. Schleicher

Himalayan Griffon. Photos © K. Schleicher

At the lakes of the high valleys in the Khangai Mountains (c2300-2500 m a.s.l.) Bar-headed Geese, Common Goldeneyes, Whooper Swans, White-winged Scoters, and Black-throated Divers were seen with chicks.

Noyon Khangai. Photo © K. Schleicher

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Anonymous said...

Gah! Boreal Owl! I'm jealous beyond belief. I dipped on all the boreal species in New Hampshire's White Mountains the other day. But I did snag Bicknell's Thrush.