July 2, 2007

Large Rose-coloured Starling colony found in western Mongolia

During a recent WWF-tour to western Mongolia Frans Schepers of WWF-Netherlands found a large colony of Rose-colored Starlings. Frans is travelling right now, and I am looking forward to learning more about this after his return!

Rose-coloured Starlings. Photo © WWF / F. Schepers


egor_13 said...

Hello Axel,

are there Rose Starlings nesting in these rocks or in other location?

Axel said...

Dear Igor,

I guess the starlings nest among these rocks. For more details we have to wait for a detailed description by the observer. Greetings to Irkutsk, Axel

egor_13 said...

Thank you Axel!
Apropos about dry West Mongolia: Northcentral Mongolia around the Khubsugul Lake is, alternatively, very wet to now.
Good travel!