August 21, 2007

Website on colour marking/satellite tracking
of waterbirds in the Asia-Pacific region

Dear all,

We have collated information to develop a website with information on ongoing colour marking and satellite tracking work in the Asia-Pacific and links to other flyways with kind support from several individuals from across the region over the last few months and support from the GAINS (Global Avian Influenza Network for Surveillance) programme. The website has been uploaded on and covers several web pages.

Also included is introductory information on the Asia-Pacific Working Group on Migratory Waterbirds and AI, and an update of the web page on the key contacts for the waterbirds ringing/banding schemes.

As the work on colour marking and satellite tracking of birds is dynamic, it would be good to capture all the latest information on these pages, so that they can serve as a one stop centre for all information on this subject. Achieving this requires your assistance; comments, suggestions and updates are most welcomed.

With best wishes, Taej

Taej Mundkur, PhD
Coordinator, Wetlands International - South Asia
wisaind at

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