March 1, 2008

Raptors Conservation (journal)

Dear Colleagues,

The Raptors Conservation 11/2008 - The Newsletter of the raptors of the
East Europe and North Asia ISSN 1814-0076 (Print), ISSN 1814-8654
(Online, PDF 9.6 MB) is available from:


Editors - 3
Events – 5

Raptors Conservation

Matsina A.I. Short Review of Techniques for Preventing Electrocution of Birds on Overhead Power Lines. - 10

Karyakin I.V. Lines-Killers Continue to Harvest the Mortal Crop in Kazakhstan. - 14

Levashkin A.P. Monitoring Results of Nestboxes for Ural Owl in the Bogorodsk Region of the N.Novgorod District, Russia. – 22

Raptors Research

Karyakin I.V. The Greater Spotted Eagle in the Volga Region, Ural Mountains and Western Siberia. - 23

Bakka S.V., Kiseleva N.Yu. The Greater Spotted Eagle in the N.Novgorod District. - 70

Zhimulev I.F., Ananko N.G., Andreenkov O.V., Kosterin O.E. Distribution of Nests of Birds of Prey in Akademgorodok of Novosibirsk and its Vicinities, Russia. – 73

Short Reports

Bakka S.V., Karyakin I.V., Moskalik L.N. The First Record of the Osprey Breeding on the Electric Pole in Povolzhye, Russia. - 76

New Publications and Videos - 77

Best wishes,
Igor Karyakin

Previous issues of this excellent journal, with all articles in Russian and in English, can be downloaded as PDF files from the website listed above. Several papers were dealing with birds of prey in Mongolia and adjacent regions in Russia and China.


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