December 11, 2009

Resighting of Bar-headed Goose in India

Atanu Mondal recorded a collared Bar-headed Goose i
n a tank at Kamalapura, Hampi, Karnataka, southern India along with 11 other birds on 22 November 2009. (In India, an irrigation tank or tank is an artificial reservoir of any size).

Bar-headed Goose, S India, Nov 2009. © Atanu Mondal

Martin Gilbert from the Wildlife Conservation Society has commented as follows:

Thank you for sending your report. The bird that you observed (yellow collar N9), is a female and was captured during our work in the Darkhad Valley, northern Mongolia on 17 July 2008. The approximate location of the bird’s capture was N: 99.41078; E: 51.19736. Interestingly, we have also received reports over the last few days of two other birds that we caught in Darkhad on the same evening, who have also just arrived in southern India and are currently at Magadi tank, in Gadag district, Karnataka.

Thank you again for sending in this information. I would be very interested to receive any further details of resightings of collared birds that you observe.

Best of luck, and good birding!


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