July 16, 2010

The Birds Korea Gallery

Over the last eighteen months (it could be more actually) Nial Moores, Andreas Kim, and a small number of Birds Korea supporters and staff have been incredibly busy collating 2,200 images of over 450 species and designing what is one of the very best photo-galleries of eastern Palearctic bird species and writing all the text in both English and Korean to make it accessible to everyone in the region. The photographs are from the excellent Birds Korea website, taken almost exclusively by Birds Korea members, and have all been donated for free.

To see a sample page (of Baikal Teal), click image above. ll images on the site are clickable and go to larger images.

Together with the image collections of the Birds of Kazakhstan website, the Oriental Bird Images database of the Oriental Bird Club, and the Internet Bird Collection (IBC) of Lynx Edicions, the Birds Korea Gallery will be a powerful tool for everybody interested in the identification, biology, ecology, conservation and beauty of the birds of the eastern Palearctic. Congratulations to Birds Korea!

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