November 16, 2011

A record 15 Snow Leopards
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The joint Panthera-Snow Leopard Trust research project based in Mongolia has broken another record with the collaring of our 15th snow leopard (the equivalent number of cats collared through all other snow leopard research projects combined).

Several weeks ago, Panthera’s scientists collared a new, healthy male estimated to be around 1.5 years old, who weighed in at 30 kg (a surprisingly heavy weight for a snow leopard of his age). After monitoring the movements of this snow leopard, and those of Khashaa (an older female snow leopard also included in the study), Panthera’s scientists confirmed that our newest snow leopard is one of Khashaa’s two cubs!

Video of Khashaa and Cubs

A camera trap video taken last Summer in Mongolia’s Tost Mountains of ‘Khashaa’ with several of her cubs before she was fixed with a GPS collar in September 2010. ©

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