November 28, 2011

Mongolian Bar-headed Goose
returning the 4th consecutive winter
to same site in India

Bar-headed Geese, Paradgaon Lake, Nov 2011.
© Avinash Londhe

At Paradgaon Lake inNagpur District, Maharashtra, central India, Avinash Londhe and Tarun Balpande recorded a Bar-headed Goose on 24 November 2011, which had been marked in Mongolia several years ago. The goose was among a flock of about 300 birds that has arrived at the lake, some 30 km from Nagpur. It has been spotted here first in 2008 and has been seen every year since at this site. Over 800 Bar-headed Geese winter at Paradgaon and Saiki lakes on Umred road every year.

The neck-collared goose, Paradgaon Lake, Nov 2011.
© Avinash Londhe

Read the full story here. Please report sightings of colour-marked waterfowl, info here.


devashri.ngp said...

Thanks to My Friend Tarun Balpande for guiding me during the visit & Axel Braunlich for appreciating our work, Thanks Tarun...

Rik De Jaegher said...

Nice you picked up the white cranes a couple of days later. By the way, I'm a Belgian birdwatcher.

Rik De Jaegher