October 4, 2012


We are pleased to announce the 2012 Mongolia Wild Bird Photo Contest. The contest is organized for the third time by the Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia and the Mongolian Bird Watching Club

This contest goal is to encourage people to participate in nature and wildlife conservation, especially to support bird and their habitat conservation, also to promote bird watching activities in Mongolia.

Since the contest started in 2010 the numbers of participants and photos have been very encouraging to us, so we have decided to continue the contest.

This year the 2012 Mongolia Wild Bird Contest will receive photo submissions until 10 December 2012. Please send your photos and materials to info@wscc.org.mn. You will find the contest rules here.

Also, please visit following link to see previous years submissions and winners.

The 1st place winning entry in 2011 was a photo of Siberian Crane Grus leucogeranus by Ganuskh Danaa from Mongolia. He photographed this extremely rare crane in Binder, Khentii aimag. Siberian Cranes are passage migrant and occasionally summer in few numbers in Mongolia

Bird photos from 2010
Winners photo

Bird photos from 2011
Winners photo

We wish you good luck this year!

Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia
Mongolian Bird Watching Club

Good birding,

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