December 18, 2012

Mongolian Great Bustard Program fundraising:
support the Crowdsourcing Campaign!

D. Dorjhurel and Odgerel hold Yagaana and her large
chick as they assess the suitability of attaching
a transmitter to the mother. photo © B. Dashnyam

The Central Asian Great Bustard Project was initiated in 2006 to address a critical lack of information about declining populations of the Great Bustard in Central Asia. You can find out more about the project here.

Now the project has launched a RocketHub campaign - an opportunity for you to support the capacity-building and research programs. Check out the great video by collaborator V. Cox and help to reach the fundraising goal while earning bustard-inspired rewards! Your help is needed by 15 January 2013 to continue to collect transmissions from tagged bustards, and to help the team’s Mongolian master’s student complete his degree.

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