May 28, 2007

browsers and Bulgarian birder Niki

I must admit that I am a greenhorn when it comes to programming – thus Birding Mongolia looked somehow dislocated when viewed with Mozilla Firefox. Now it is fixed (something was wrong with the CSS file…) with the help of my friend Nikolai Kraneis, a birder, artist, and computer specialist from Bulgaria, living in Berlin. Thanks a lot Niki!

Shovelers, oil, 50x80cm; 31.5"x19.7"
by Nikolai Kraneis

If you need an experienced guide for a birding tour to Bulgaria or need help in creating and illustrating posters, books, brochures, flyers, websites etc. (languages: Polish, Russian, English, Bulgarian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, and more) contact Niki via his website (and have a look at his superb art!).

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