September 2, 2007

More news on Great Bustard research in Mongolia

After a first note on bustard research (click here) on Birding Mongolia a little while ago the following news were sent by Aimee "Mimi" Kessler, School of Life Sciences Graduate Programs, Arizona State University, fresh from the field:

August 2007: The Great Bustard research team working in Northern Mongolia has caught two more bustards, a mother with her large chick. The mother was given a satellite transmitter and numbered wing tag. Her chick, a young male, has a numbered wing tag. The team will be monitoring these birds in the years to come to determine habitat use patterns and migration routes. We would appreciate news of any observations of Great Bustards with wing tags (contact: mimi dot kessler at asu dot edu).

Our team's Great Bustard research in Mongolia is supported by a generous donation of satellite transmitters by Microwave Telemetry, an US National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, an US National Security Education Program Boren Fellowship, and a Wildlife Conservation Society Graduate Research Fellowship.

We apologize for the quality of the photos. As the bustards were captured by spotlighting, they were taken in pitch darkness at night.

In the photos:
Young man: Dashnyam, undergraduate, National University of Mongolia
Mongolian woman: Erdenetsetseg, assistant
American woman: Mimi Kessler, graduate student, Arizona State University

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