September 2, 2007

New birding trip report from Mongolia

A new birding trip report from Mongolia has been added to

Birdquest: Mongolia 21 May – 8 June 2006 Tour Report. Leader: Mark Beaman
To see all trip reports from Mongolia click here.


egor_13 said...

Dear Axel,
could you please give a direct reference to? I do not see it there either at the main page or at the Mongolian trip page.

Axel said...

Privet Igor,

It’s the third report from top, labeled “May-Jun 2006, Mark Beaman, UK, Birdquest”, and it has a yellow-black icon saying “new” at the end of the line.


egor_13 said...

Spasibo Axel,
likely I did not see this as I seeked a 2007 date.

Apropos: did you receive the email with a paper on the cormorant at North L. Khubsugul several days ago? If you did not let me know.