October 20, 2007

Bird Checklist of Ikh Nart

The Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve (Ikh Nart) is a nature reserve located in the Dornogobi Aimag or East Gobi Province of Mongolia. Established in 1996, Ikh Nart covers an area of about 66,000 hectares of grassland and semi-desert steppe environments and harbors one of the last remaining populations of Argali Sheep.

A downloadable, printable checklist of birds recorded in Ikh Nart that may be of interest to bird enthusiasts and other visitors to the area is now available. To download the list (~100 kb pdf), go to http://ikhnart.com/birdlist.html

1 comment:

egor_13 said...

Hi Axel,
thank you!
There is a photo of Godlewski's Bunting among other photos: http://ikhnart.com/gbunting.html
it is suspiciously looking like Meadow Bunting!
What do you think on?