October 21, 2007

Black Stork Migration

Dear colleague,

Maybe you followed our web page about Black Stork migration in Asia www.rozhlas.cz/odysea/angl. Unfortunately it is not showing the current trip yet. If you are still interested in new results - here are recent movements:

Stork "Marko" from Taats River (central Mongolia, the only one we have at the moment) flies again south (red line). We hope that a battery (tag employed in 2006) is still able to cover the full trip. On 12th October he was near the mountains of the Tibet plateau and in the night of 16/17th October he was at a probably very important stopover site in a valley of Huang Ho River where all our storks have been stopping.

Best regards
Lubomir Peske

Black Stork, Khovd. Photo © A. Braunlich

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