October 23, 2007

from Mongolia’s neighbour: China Bird Report

People who are interested in the avifauna and birdwatching in Chinese Mainland may notice that China Ornithological Society published its annual bird report since 2004. Now we already have three volumes, report 2003-2005. The forthcoming China Bird Report 2006 will be published in early December this year. China Bird Report has become an important issue for up-to-date bird records in China and contributing the valuable information for bird conservation.

With the increasing requests of China Bird Report from foreign birdwatchers and researchers, there is a more convenient channel to purchase China Bird Report now. NHBS Environment Bookstore will help us to distribute our report series through internet.

You could make your order through this webpage http://www.nhbs.com/title.php?tefno=153158.

It only displays the 2005 report online, the report 2003-2004 and the forthcoming 2006 issue will be available soon. At the same time, we encourage foreign birdwatchers to contribute your 2007 reports from Mainland China. People whose records are included in the final publication will be acknowledged, and they will also receive a complimentary copy for reference. You records in the format of Excel, Word or PDF etc. should be contributed to chinesewildbird at hotmail.com. Many Thanks!

Good birding!

Liu Yang


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