October 24, 2007

Mongolian Journal of Biological Sciences

A new issue of the Mongolian Journal of Biological Sciences is now available.

The Mongolian Journal of Biological Sciences is the official journal of the Faculty of Biology, National University of Mongolia. It is a peer reviewed journal and publishes original papers on all aspects of the biological sciences. In addition review-type articles, book reviews, short communications and reports of scientific meetings are also welcome. The journal was developed to highlight research in Mongolia and by Mongolians. There are no restrictions on author and geographic region; the journal is published in English with abstracts in Mongolian.

Contents of Volume 4, Issue 2:

Wehrden, H., Wesche, K. and Tungalog, R.. Plant communities of the Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area, Mongolia. 3-18.

Walzer, C., Kaczensky, P., Ganbaatar, O., Lengger, J., Enkhsaikhan, N. amd Lkhagvasuren, D. Capture and anaesthesia of wild Mongolian equids - the Przewalski's horse (Equus ferus przewalskii) and khulan (E. hemionus). 19-30.

Townsend, S. E. Burrow cluster as a sampling unit: An approach to estimate marmot activity in the Eastern steppe of Mongolia. 31-36.

Townsend, S. E. and Zahler, P. Mongolian marmot crisis: Status of the Siberian marmot in the Eastern steppe. 37-46.

Oyungerel, Sh. And Purev, D. Mineral elements in a succulent plant species, Orostachys spinosa L. (Crassulaceae). 45-52.

Badamtstetseg, S., Badamkhand, D., Sukhdolgor, J. and Baigalmaa, Ts. Biologically active substances in buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum L.) cultivated in Mongolia. 53-56.

Boldgiv, B. and Goulden, C. E. An international workshop on Lake Hovsgol area ecosystem modelling. 57-62.

Urgamal, M. Taxonomy of the genus Cnidium Cusson ex Juss. (Umbelliferae Juss.) in Mongolia. 63-66.

Issues of the journal can be bought in Ulaanbaatar at Biobeers, from the Steppe Forward Programme office, or by contacting the Editor-in-chief Dr. B. Bayartogtokh (bayartogtokh at num.edu.mn). All submissions should be sent to Dr. Bayartogtokh. Details about past issues of the journal and instructions to authors can be found on the journal page at www.steppeforward.com/journal.htm

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