November 20, 2007

Biobeers etc.

Some recent environmental news from Mongolia Web (Mongolia 's Latest News & Current Events, Directly from Ulaanbaatar), read:

December Biobeers (in Ulaanbaatar, 6 Dec) on Mongolian Saiga: Conservation & Challenge

Scientists study taimen fish, found only in Mongolia, to assure its survival

Global warming in Mongolia to be studied by U.S.-Mongolian university partnership

or check Mongolia Web’s news archive on “Nature and Environment”.


egor_13 said...

Dear Axel (and other readers),
Some correction must be done in the 2nd news: that's
>The taimen is found no where else in the world except in northern Mongolia's Eg River
- is not correct. The same species (Hucho taimen) is present in many areas in Siberia, and the Eg's population is not taxonomically different from other ones. Indeed other point is that the taimen is very safe in Eg and some other Mongolian rivers vs. many other areas where it is under human pressure as Mongolia is yet less affected by human activities. But it is just other point.

Axel said...

Dear Igor, You are absolutely right, thanks for pointing that out! The Taimen occurs in Mongolia in the Yenisei, Selenge, Onon and Kherlen drainages, and outside Mongolia in rivers draining to the Arctic Ocean from the Ob to the Yana drainages; in the Amur and some adjacent drainages; and in Europe, in some upper tributaries of the Pechora, and Kama in the Volga drainage. I just cited the news from a Mongolian news agency. Journalists often don’t get the facts right. I have for example often seen (in Mongolian news) that bird species like Black Stork or Golden Eagle were said to be globally threatened. Which they are not of curse!

egor_13 said...

apart from previous one I should note unfortunately the taimen is much depressed in the last decades in a lot of rivers of Siberia in areas with more or less increased human impact. For example, it was included in the Red list of Irkutsk Region as 'under danger of extinction' and in the Red book of Buryatia as 'vulnerable, data deficient'.