November 28, 2007

Khovd, 28 NOV 2007 - A. Laurie & A. Braunlich

The temperature was about -18 deg C in the morning today. During lunch break - when it was a bit warmer - we visited a little stream (up to two metres wide) which doesn’t freeze over in winter. Along c.2 km the following birds were spotted:

White-throated Dipper. Photo © A. Braunlich

11 White-throated Dippers (4 white-bellied, 4 dark-bellied, 3 not seen well enough; local maximum for the last two years), 2 Water Pipits, 1 Masked Wagtail and 3 Northern Wheatears.

Northern Wheatear. Photo © A. Braunlich


egor_13 said...

A propos Axel,
did you see there in autumn some Northern Wheatears having very bright - rather rufous than sandy - tint in plumage?

Axel said...

Privet Igor! I didn't see any unusual Northern Wheatears this autumn. I just found the recent observation of 3 birds on Nov, 28th rater late.

egor_13 said...

Privet Axel,
Thank you! Yes, indeed it is late term for its migraiton.
Generally, I have asked for not only this autumn, but for an autumn migration in Howd area.
Wheatears we see in the migration end here are often brighter than summer breeders/chicks or early autumn migrants. I do not yet know why it does.