December 4, 2007

Lingering autumn migrants in Khovd and Tsetserleg
Konrad Schleicher (Khangai Mts) & Axel Braunlich (Altai Mts)

In Khovd there was a female Common Chaffinch and a Masked Wagtail on 2nd December. The last observation for Chaffinch in Khovd in 2006 was similar (1st Dec) while the last Masked Wagtail was seen much earlier (13 October 2006 versus 14/15/19/30/31 Oct, 3/28 Nov and 2 Dec 2007).

An exiting record comes from Tsetserleg, where on the same day an extremely late Red-throated Pipit was found by Konrad.

Red-throated Pipit, 2nd Dec, Tsetserleg.
Photo © K. Schleicher

Red-throated Pipit, 2nd Dec, Tsetserleg.
Photo © K. Schleicher

There were also 2-3 White-throated Dippers and a female Guldenstadt’s Redstart, both firsts for Konrad’s local spot.

Guldenstadt’s Redstart. Tsetserleg.
Photo © K. Schleicher

Guldenstadt’s Redstart. Khovd.
Photo © A. Braunlich

Further species seen near Tsetserleg on 2nd Dec include Grey-headed and White-backed Woodpecker, Daurian Partridge, Common Magpie, Willow and Great Tit.

Common Redpoll, 4th Dec, Tsetserleg.
Photo © K. Schleicher

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Stuart Price said...

You have some pretty nice birds there in Mongolia. I'm in Japan so we probably share a few of the same species (I saw Common Redpoll yesterday too).

I've always wanted to visit Mongolia. One day, one day............