February 8, 2011

Steppe Zokor

In his recent posting A weekend in the forests of Terelj National Park Andreas Buchheim showed 2 photos of a Steppe (or False) Zokor Myospalax aspalax.

While searching for some information on this species I came across the following remarkable photo.

Steppe Zokor Myospalax aspalax, Bukukun Cabin, Sokhondinsky Reserve,
Kirinsky District, Chita Oblast, Russia. 2 July 2007. Photo © Igor Mavrin

It is from Oleg Korsun’s wonderful website Magnificent Transbaikalia – Nature of the Transbaikalian Region (this is adjacent to NE Mongolia). Oleg’s site boosts photos of 546 species of plants, 444 of insects, 40 of mammals, 67 of birds, 5 of reptiles, 4 of amphibians, and 31 of fishes and lampreys. And there is a lot of info (most in Russian, some in English) on endangered species, protected natural areas of Chita Region, environmental news of Transbaikalia, environmental education in Transbaikalia, and a bibliography about a biological diversity of Transbaikalia.

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