April 7, 2007

7 APR 2007, Khovd – A. Braunlich
During a WWF office outing c.5 km to the north of Khovd town (just at the perimeter of what I call would call "my local spot”) I saw six species for the first time this year: A pair of Black Storks at their nest in a cliff (occupied since many years), a flock of 15 Common Black-headed Gulls (migrating NE; one of the very few species which can be seen actively migrating here), 1 male Black Redstart, 2 Isabelline Wheatears, 2 male Pied Wheatears, and two Siberian Chiffchaffs. Impressive: The extension of the ice-cover on the river (see photos).

Grey Heron on the rocks. Photo © A. Braunlich

Buyant gol north of Khovd today.
…and in May 2006. Photos © A. Braunlich

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