November 23, 2010

2010 Mongolia Wild Bird Photo Contest winners

The main goal of the 2010 Mongolia Wild Bird Photo Contest was to raise public awareness, knowledge and appreciation of birds and their habitat conservation and to promote birdwatching in Mongolia. This contest is one of our activities for the United Nations’ declaration of 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity.

The winners have been selected based on the quality and uniqueness of photos submitted by participants.

The winning photo and photographer are the picture of a male Altai Snowcock Tetraogallus altaicus taken by Tumendelger Humbaa from Mongolia. Congratulations!

He took this photo in Zuun Saikhan Mountain which is the one of three mountains of the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park in Omnogobi aimag. His photo of Altai Snowcock is probably one of the best shots of this high mountain species we have seen so far. (this photo has featured on Birding Mongolia before: click here). He also submitted several superb photos of Himalayan Griffons and Wallcreeper.

Runners-up of the contest were:

2nd place - Paek Won Kee, South Korea
3rd place - Steve Klasan, Germany
Special prize - Tudevvaanchig Battulga, Mongolia.

Congratulations to all winners! And thank you very much for all of you who participated in the contest.

For this year’s contest, we have received over 95 photos (excluding disqualified photos) of 65 species from 26 people in 8 countries, Germany, USA, UK, South Korea, Hungary, France, Russia, and Mongolia. The participants were from many different backgrounds, from amateur birdwatchers to professional ornithologists and biologists. The photos collected during this contest will be used to promote and educate people in bird conservation and bird watching in Mongolia.

Please visit the contest website for more information by clicking the following:

Winners' announcement
Contest page in English
Contest page in Mongolian
All photos submitted for the contest

We will organize this photo contest again in 2011, so please distribute this information as widely as possible. Also, if you would like to support and cooperate on this please contact us. Thank you.

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