February 16, 2009

Mongolian Important Bird Areas online!

An Important Bird Area (IBA) workshop was held in Ulaanbaatar in 2007 (click here for more info). Based on the results of the workshop and on a lot of follow-up work, the Mongolian IBA directory was launched in Ulaanbaatar last week.

Airag Lake in W Mongolia, Mongolian IBA 012,
Aug 2008. © A. Bräunlich

There are 70 IBAs in Mongolia as of 2007. Info (PDF-files) on each of these IBAs can be found online here.

Nomads moving camp, near Khar Lake,
Mongolian IBA 016; in the background Jargalant
Khairkhan Mountain, Monglian IBA 015, Jul 2008.
© A. Bräunlich

Background Info (What are IBAs?, How are IBAs chosen?, What about other wildlife?, How were Mongolia's IBAs identified?).

Summary of IBAs in Mongolia (Key habitats for birds in Mongolia, Overview of Mongolia's IBA network, Conservation issues affecting IBAs)

Download IBA maps for Mongolia

The links above will lead you to the Wildlife Science and Conservation Center (Ulaanbaatar-based) website.