June 24, 2011

Longest twitch in Mongolia 
Brian Watmough, 22 June 2011
Just completed the longest twitch in Mongolia, 392 kilometres round trip in under 8 hours. Abu [Andreas Buchheim] sent me a text at 12:30 saying there were 3 Siberian Cranes 190 kilometres east of UB, on a small reservoir just a kilometre north of the main road. I realised I had no meetings in the afternoon, so the choice was finishing a report or 3 cranes. Just 5 hours later I was looking at 3 immature Siberian Cranes. My colleagues were bemused that I should make such an effort just to see three birds.

immature Siberian Cranes, c. 60 km E of Baganuur,
22 Jun 2011. © A. Buchheim

Siberian Cranes and a Demoiselle Crane, E of Baganuur,
22 Jun 2011. © A. Buchheim