May 26, 2010

The BirdLife Community

BirdLife International is the world’s largest global alliance of conservation organisations that share a mission: to conserve wild birds, their habitats and global biodiversity. BirdLife has Partners in over 100 countries, with 2.5 million members and 8 million supporters. BirdLife’s popular website receives over 1,500,000 unique visitors each year, and they often the first to publish the biggest bird conservation news of the day.

BirdLife just launched a new area of its website – The BirdLife Community. The BirdLife Community is the place online to discuss the latest news from the frontline in biodiversity protection. BirdLife is now publishing many more news stories, and also blog and video posts from the frontline of conservation.

From the The BirdLife Community:

Alaotra Grebe extinction – Do you care?

“Today we announced that Alaotra Grebe is officially extinct on the Red List. When we publicise news of threat or extinction the first question posed by the media will be: “Why should we care?” Please add your thoughts on why we should care.” To read on click here.

Other recent news published on The BirdLife Community recently include:
  • List of extinct bird species
  • Over 300 dead birds are likely Gulf spill victims
  • News from the Philippines
  • Oil found at Audubon’s Rainey Sanctuary – Video
  • Oil spill’s early Impact on Mississippi Barrier Islands – Video
  • Forest & Bird (BirdLife in New Zealand) delivers 4000 anti-mining submissions
  • International Day for Biological Diversity
  • Helping local communities to influence decision makers in Northwestern Pichincha, Ecuador
  • Conservation of Nyabarongo Wetlands for Sustainable Livelihoods, Rwanda
  • Safeguarding priority forest sites with local community support, Fiji