May 1, 2007

late-APR 2007, Khovd - A. Braunlich
It is always a “pain” to leave one’s local spot, even for a short time. I have been in Ulaanbaatar for a week – and of course, I was nervous, wondering what I might miss back home in Khovd. On 22 Apr, the day before I came back, some snow fell in and around town (see photo from 23 Apr).

Khovd town, 23 April 2007. Photo © A. Braunlich

Here are some noteworthy observations from the last week of April: 23 Apr: A relatively small area (c.5 ha) held 23 Pied Wheatears, 20 Black Redstarts, 24 Northern Wheatears, and a flock 9 Lesser Short-toed Larks (common breeder in the region, but rare at my local spot). 25 Apr: A loose flock of 90 Masked Wagtails, 15 Water Pipits, and 1 Citrine Wagtail rested at some muddy puddles near the river, the first Barn Swallow and the first Common Redstart were seen, and in a little grove of poplars I spotted 2 male and 3 female Red-throated Thrushes (the largest group of this species I have seen here so far – it is greatly outnumbered by Black-throated Thrush). 26 Apr: The first Common Cuckoo was calling in town (obs. by Gantulga, member of a WWF-sponsored anti-poaching unit). 3 Common Redshanks (species no. 198 for Khovd since late October 2005) were resting in a wet meadow at the edge of town. The same site held c.60 Water Pipits, c.30 Masked Wagtails, and 8 Citrine Wagtails. Sand Martins had arrived at one of the local breeding colonies, c.10 were spotted. An adult male Peregrine wasn’t left in peace by locally breeding Carrion Crows which were mobbing him constantly.

late-APR 2007, Tsetserleg - K. Schleicher
New spring arrivals in and around Tsetserleg. In the city 18 Apr: 1 House Martin. The water level at the wet steppe next to airport increased and the small ponds attracted some new bird species. 25 Apr: 1 Demoiselle Crane, 28 April: 1 Grey Heron, 3 Northern Pintails, 8 Eurasian Wigeons, 2 Common Gulls. The number of resting Bar-headed Geese rose to 8. At the Tamir river (the ice has completely disappeared by now) 29 Apr: one pair Little Ringed Plovers, 1 pair Goosanders. In willow/birch scrub 30 Apr: 1 male Daurian Redstart.

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