May 24, 2007

Partial-albino Red-billed Chough

Ulaanbaatar-based ornithologist Uugan sent me a photograph of a partial-albino Red-billed Chough which he observed in Tariat sum (a sum is an administrative subdivision below the aimags=provinces in Mongolia, roughly comparable to a County in the USA) in the northern Khangai Mountains on 17 May 2007.

Partial-albino Red-billed Chough.
Photo © Uuganbayar Chuluunbaatar

normal coloured Red-billed Chough
Photo © Uuganbayar Chuluunbaatar

Some comments on partial-albinism (referring to an observation of a partial-albino Cactus Wren) can be found on Charlie’s Bird Blog (which I can warmly recommend!): click here. And there’s also an interesting discussion on the MilkRiverBlog: click here.

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