August 10, 2007

Great Bustard Project

A team led by Mimi Kessler from Arizona State University is researching Great Bustards in Khuvsgul and Bulgan aimags (provinces) in northern Mongolia. The team has captured an adult female bustard and is now receiving transmissions from a satellite PTT (Platform Transmitter Terminal) attached to the bird. The team will observe habitat use, home range, and migration route. Genetic material in the form of dropped feathers is also being collected for population genetic analyses.

Great Bustard has been evaluated as “Vulnerable” for the 2007 IUCN Red List. It is listed in the Mongolian Red Book and the Mongolian population is estimated at 1500-2000 individuals. This research will contribute to conservation efforts in Central Asia.

Aimee "Mimi" Kessler, School of Life Sciences Graduate Programs, Arizona State University, USA

Great Bustard. Photo © M. Kessler

Great Bustard. Photo © M. Kessler

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