August 21, 2007

Khovd, mid-August 2007 - A. Braunlich

19 Aug Songbird migration is in full swing. I went for 2 hours to a plantation at the edge of town: c.160 Spotted Flycatchers, c.155 (incl. a flock of 140) Ortolan Buntings, c.70 Lesser Whitethroats, 7 Tree Pipits, 1 Olive-backed Pipit, 1 Bluethroat, 9 Isabelline Shrikes, 8 juv. Rose-coloured Starlings, 3 Siberian Stonechats, a flock of c. 30 Common Rosefinches, 1 Greenish Warbler, and 1 Booted Eagle. At the river plain nearby I saw 1 Black Stork, 2 Richard’s Pipits, 9 Hoopoes, and a family of Eurasian Hobby.

A small pond has formed near an

irrigation ditch, rich habitat for
migrant birds. Photo © A. Braunlich

20 Aug 1 Two-barred Warbler in town. 21 Aug 5 Isabelline Shrikes in town.

Steppe Buzzard. Photo © A. Braunlich

21 Aug The Black-eared Kite roosts at the edge of town held 760 birds! Nearby I counted c.100 Spotted Flycatchers and c.40 Lesser Whitethroats. During the day an European Nightjar was flying around in town, 3 more were found resting behind the stadium in the evening. Other birds seen include 6 Siberian Stonechats, 1 Steppe Buzzard Buteo buteo vulpinus, and 1 Booted Warbler.

Booted Warbler Photo © A. Braunlich

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