February 8, 2008

China Bird Report

Another interesting publication from Mongolia’s huge southern neighbour.
source: http://www.chinabirdnet.org/report.html

China Bird Report is an annual report published by the China Ornithological Society which complied and vetted bird records, based on bird watchers' observations.

To obtain a copy of China Bird Report, please contact chinesewildbird@hotmail.com for information. Bird watchers outside China mainland who wish to buy a copy could contact the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (hkbws@hkbws.org.hk) for arrangement. The price is HK$100 (not including handling fee and postal fee) and the money will be treated as donation to the China Ornithological Society for producing the next China Bird Report.

Message from the 2006 report editors:

Publication of China Bird Report 2006

In line with previous reports dating back to the inaugural China Bird Report 2003, the present report provides information on the distribution of birds in China in the form of bird records for the year in question (in this case 2006) and acts as a platform for the exchange of relevant information. The China Bird Report editorial team welcomes the increasing number of records of both common and rare birds received this year and recognizes that these reflect the activities of a growing band of competent observers and the rising popularity of birdwatching in China.

China Bird Report 2006 incorporates bird records from 22 Provinces, five Autonomous Cities, four municipalities and one Special Administrative Region (Macao), rendering it structurally comparable to the reports of the previous two years which also categorized bird records at provincial level (but does not include records from Hong Kong or Taiwan). This year’s report provides records of 1078 species (55 more than in the previous report), from 17 orders and 70 families, representing 80% of all bird species in China as listed by Zheng (2005), including two species new to China and dozens of species with first records at provincial level. Records of species of conservation concern are highlighted in view of the importance of such data to inform international efforts aimed at protecting bird species, for instance in assessing species conservation status and identifying important bird areas. This report publishes records of three “Critically Endangered”, 11 “Endangered” and 44 “Vulnerable” species, as categorised by BirdLife International (2004), and also 27 species listed in China under “National Protection Class I”.

Editors, China Bird Report, 1 December 2007
In the UK and the EU the report can also be obtained from Richard Stott (non-profit-making). For information about ordering details contact him at Hkbwsuk at aol.com

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