October 24, 2008

Russian Conservation News

A new edition (PDF, 2.7 MB) of Russian Conservation News (in English and Russian) can be downloaded here. The issue contains an article on the planned Altai Pipeline (a gas pipeline), which might affect Mongolia, too.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog :) This is perhapa a shot in the dark:I am a birder, (biologist by training, with almost 20 yrs experience in the field(birds and mammals), banding and behv observation experience included. I also have an educational background (work as a teacher in Norway, though am British by birth). In June this year I am travelling to Ladakh (where a friend of mine (a Ladakh local)runs a tour business. I would like to work on a bird project whilst in N India. I would definitely consider hopping the border to Mongolia... :)
If you have contacts or links for local NGO or research bodies/organisations I would be very keen to hear. I would like to be involved with something substantial for a month at least :)
Hope you get this....

AS I say, a shot in the dark... but sometimes such random enquiries can prove fruitful

Enjoy the birds!
ps. as I don't put private emails on the web. facebook name is helen Jewell (Norway).

Vaidehi Gunjal said...

Found A green collared bar-headed goose in Magadi, Karanataka, India ----K10