June 28, 2010

Mongolia going to export Saker Falcons

From the UB Post website:

The export quota for Saker falcons was set at 240 this year. L. Gansukh, the Minister of Nature, Environment, and Tourism released this figure just last week.

 Mongolia, one of the largest exporters of Saker falcons in the world, usually sends the bulk of these birds to Persian Gulf countries. International organizations, however, largely blame Mongolia for the rapid decline of the falcon’s population. Fairly recently the Saker falcon has been classified as endangered, a status also true in other Central Asian countries. …”
(Written by Ch.Sumiyabazar, Tuesday, June 15, 2010). Read more…

Saker Falcon, Mongolia. Photo R. Reading 

The Saker Falcon is a globally threatened species, listed as Vulnerable by BirdLife International and IUCN.

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