April 3, 2007

2 APR 2007, Khovd – A. Braunlich
A short late afternoon walk, overcast, +5˚C. Today’s highlight was a Mistle Thrush, species no. 195 for Khovd since late October 2005, and species no. 349 on my personal Mongolia list! 2 male Guldenstadt’s Redstarts, 7 Evermann’s Redstarts, 1 Red-throated and 7 Black-throated Thrushes, 2 Long-eared Owls, and 3 Black-throated Accentors were resting in the poplar plantations near the river. The roost of Black-eared Kites is building up, with 112 birds counted at the edge of town at dusk.

Long-eared Owl. Photo © A. Braunlich

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