April 3, 2007

29 MAR 2007, Tsetserleg - K. Schleicher
In the small city park of Tsetserleg a male White-backed Woodpecker was exploring cracked bones. The bird moved straight from one to the next and examined three different bones within five minutes. After looking inside...

it rolled its body sideways on the ground in order to pick at the inside of the bones.

Photos © K. Schleicher

The woodpecker seemed to be used to this kind of food search. It cannot be ruled out that it has got accustomed to feed on marrow or arthropods this way. Bones scattered all over the city are not unusual. Tsetserleg has many street dogs which crack bones of slaughter remains.

As a new spring arrival a Black-eared Kite was seen flying over town today.

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darrell j prest said...

fantastic pictures of very interesting behavior.