June 4, 2007


Photo © A. Braunlich

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Also very welcome are posts to Birding Mongolia (unformatted text by email to me please; including photos) on bird observations and (bird-) conservation-related stories from Mongolia.

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Raju Kasambe said...

Dear All,
My friend Mr. Tarun Balpande successfully photographed one collared Bar-headed Goose at Paradgaon Lake in Nagpur district, Maharashtra,
The photo is uploaded on following website of nagpurbirds.


The collar is yellow and has a number in capital letters "NU". Please provide me details of this Goose if it is collared by your Society.
Raju Kasambe, Nagpur, India
Phone: 0091-712-2241893

Raju Kasambe said...

Dear Birding Mongolia Team,
I have again sighted the collared Bar-headed Goose at Paradgaon Tank, in Nagpur District in Maharashtra. I photographed the bird on 12 December 2009. The collar number is "NU". The same bird was photographed last year too at the same place and photographed by Tarun Balpande who accompanied me this time also.
Raju Kasambe and Tarun Balpande, Nagpur, India

Tarun Balpande said...

Dear All Birder friends
This year "NU" collared Bar-headed goose is Re sighted again on 26th nov. 2010. This is the third consecutive year same Goose sighted & Photographed by me. This time "NU" is sighted at Haladgaon lake which is just 2.4 miles from Paradgaon lake where this particular goose was sighted since last two years.
GPS loc Paradgaon : 20°55'29.71"N
GPS Loc Haladgaon : 20°55'52.58"N
The photo of 26/11/2010 is uploaded on following website of nagpurbirds


Today on 7th Dec. 2010 four flocks of around 450 to 500 Bar-headed geese are present at same lake.

E-mail: tarunbalpande@rediffmail.com
: tarunbiotech@gmail.com
Mob no : +91-9850406345

Rebecca Watters said...

Sain bain oo, Axel. I have about two years of bird observations from Kharkhorin, from spring and fall migration seasons 2000-2002. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer and worked with the Khangai National Park; however, the bird data that they requested I record never went anywhere. Are you interested in having it?

A friend and I are also walking across the entire Khangai Range this summer as part of a wildlife project, and I would be interested in talking about what sort of bird observations would be useful to you.

I tried to email you but the link isn't working for me (probably because of problems with my email server....) Could you try emailing me at rebecca (at) nrrcooperative (dot) org?

My own blog, which includes information about my work in Mongolia, is found at www.egulo.wordpress.org - click on the Mongolia tag.


Rud.. said...

Hello Birding Mongolia team,

I have sighted a collared Bar-headed Goose with the collar number RT. This was sighted at Veer Dam, Pune - Maharashtra, India on 14th December 2014.

Please see a picture here - https://scontent-a-mad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/t31.0-8/q84/s720x720/1271983_10152960119336873_4342253708545591386_o.jpg